There is a possibility that Niš will have one more interesting tourist attraction in the vicinity of the city – Archaeological park Humska Cuka.

Humska Cuka is one of the most important prehistoric sites not only in Serbia but throughout the Balkans. Recent studies have confirmed that it was inhabited from the Copper Age (around 4,300 BC) until the late Antiquity (4th century), which is almost 5,000 years of continuous living at the same place.

People from that period were hunters,they produced cereals and that was the way how they fed. They were very organized society  and far more advanced than many societies in the rest of Europe in that period. They had tools, cutlery, tools and weapons.

For this reason, a building of a new archeological park is planned at this place, similar to Archaeological Park Plocnik in Prokuplje.  The life of a prehistoric man would certainly be interesting for tourists and Humska Cuka y will give them the opportunity  also to experiance the development of prehistoric man and the civilization in general.