Niška Banja Spa
LOCATION: NiskaBanja is located 10 km Southeast from Nis, on the road to Sofia. It is situated under the forest covered Koritnik hill, protected from cold, north…
The Fortress
BASIC INFO: Old, strong, high ramparts and grates of Niš Fortress, which has stood on the right bank of the Nišava since the first half of the…
The Skull Tower
BASIC INFO: The Skull Tower (Ćele Kula) is a monument unique in the world, visited by more than 30.000 people each year. It is the tower made…
Tinkers Alley

Tinkers Alley (Kazandžijsko sokače) is the last preserved street of the former Niš bazaar from the beginning of the 19th century. Originaly it was a craftsmen alley and over the time the buildings have been renovated and redesigned as restaurants, bars, taverns and hotels, still preserving the spirit of the old architecture.

Bubanj Memorial Site

The hill of Bubanj, 3 km away from the city, was a place of mass executions of the prisoners from the Concentration camp in Nis during the Second World War. After the war, the execution site was transformed into a memorial park, with a monument in the shape of three clenched fists, symbolizing the resistence of men, women, and children who died on the location.

Cegar Monument
BASIC INFO: In the vicinity of Nis, on Cegar hill, the location of the famous First Serbian Uprising battle, there is a monument put up in memory…